The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik ECC82-TK is a newly manufactured and cryogenically treated rendition of the classic ECC82, commonly known by the American designation 12AU7.

The ECC82 is a dual triode vacuum tube with medium gain and low noise characteristics, making it ideal for hi-fi audio equipment and instrument amplification. Commonly used as a low-noise line amplifier, driver, and phase inverter in push-pull amplifier circuits, it can replace an ECC81/12AX7 for lower gain applications.

The Black Diamond Series ECC82-TK features gold-plated pins and a gold-plated internal grid. The ECC82-TK is often considered more of a brighter tonal character rather than warm, and is characterized by its wide sense of dynamics and exceptionally quiet noise floor. It offers an accurate and focused image with a flat midrange and tight low end. The ECC82-TK is excellent in headphone amplifiers and high-end home audio and phono equipment, among many other applications. The Black Diamond Series ECC82-TK undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to deliver a dependable tube for the most demanding applications.

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Black Diamond ECC82-TK (12AU7) Matched Pair by Telefunken

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